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Body Art Firenze – Group Workouts

Body Art Firenze is the biggest Street Workout/Calisthenics school in Florence. They have no phyiscal location in the traditional sense of an office or gymnasium but instead workout in Florence’s parks and outdoor spaces. Their regular workout spot is in Florence’s biggest centrally located park Le Cascine. The space is open everyday so Daniel runs classes everyday. The classes are in both Italian and English and last for about 1 hour.

What makes this different from your typical workout is you will only use your body weight. There are no machines, free weights or mirrors here, just the great outdoors. Each class is lead by trainer and body art founder Daniel Berthelot. There are different services available; depending on what you prefer there is group training, online coaching, personal training and diet plans.

Class Hours
Each training/workout is approximately 1 hour

Monday to Friday: 6:30pm
Monday to Sunday: 12:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 3:00pm
*Special or private classes can be held on request

Personal Training: contact Daniel directly

Normal Price: €62.50 for 10 classes or €62.50 for a monthly unlimited workout pass

Campus Florence Discount: 20% off (€50 for 10 classes or 1 month)

Campus Florence Review

There are many reasons why group workouts are beneficial. We love the motivational aspect of it. Daniel’s group has lots of regulars, you make friends and workout buddies and it keeps you motivated to show up!! which honestly sometimes can be the biggest challenge. It also totally suits us since it is great not to be inside. It breaks up the routine of being inside in a gym. You are in Florence for a semester. Get out and explore, workout and have fun!

Come Workout With Us!

Viale della Catena, 50144 Firenze FI
Tel/Whatsapp: (+39) 392 698 6645
Website: bodyartfirenze

12 thoughts on “Body Art Firenze – Group Workouts

  1. It was a really exciting class and I found it very challenging and Daniel is a very good trainer . I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get functional fit


  2. I know Daniel and this outdoor activity since a while now and can guarantee that it’s the best I found around so far!! If you’re serious about results, highly recommended!


  3. Unire allenamento e divertimento è un’arte e Daniel non ti fa annoiare mai. Conosci tantissime persone nuove e sempre diverse. E poi allenarsi all’aperto è mille volte più bello del chiudersi in palestra.


  4. BodyArt exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without machinery or extra equipment. From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, this program covers every part of the body that can get stronger with body resistance alone.


  5. Body Art is a great concept and the coach makes it unique. Coach Dan always comes up with new ideas, workouts and pushes and motivates you to your best. Highly recommended if you want fast results, fun and training with awesome people!


  6. During my Erasmus stay in Italy, i initially had a difficult time making friends. I found out about the BodyArt Group in facebook, and since i enjoy working out, i decided to give it a try. Through the BodyArt training, not only did I achieve much more than I could ever imagine physically, but I made new friends that have stayed with me even armfter leaving Italy. BodyArt is more than just trainings, it is like a family, and that is how you feel when you’re working out. New members feel included and older members always help out the newer ones. I will always consider coach Dan my coach. I truly believe it is worth taking part in the BodyArt trainings.


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