Thanksgiving in Florence

Not looking to cook a meal this Thanksgiving in Florence, but still want to celebrate one of our favorite American Holidays?  Look no further than this handy list right here to satisfy all of your Thanksgiving needs from our favorite restaurants here in Florence.

OUR recommendation: Quinoa Gluten Free Restaurant


Why not spend Thanksgiving dinner at a place where everyone can eat, even your friends with special dietary restrictions?  Have dinner at a large family style table, or celebrate more intimately in a corner for two out on the patio.  Great vibes, and even more amazing food awaits for you at Quinoa.   Chow down on Butternut squash soup, and eat traditionally with roast turkey and stuffing.  Sides include gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, and cranberry sauce.  One bottle of wine for every 3 people makes this a Thanksgiving dinner you won’t forget.
Vicolo di San Maria Maggiore, 1
055 290876

The Diner

14980793_1197719380316871_5837499073146187334_nThe diner is back on the table this year with a €30 all inclusive meal!  Traditional American Style food awaits you at this student hotspot.  Call to reserve your seats.

Via dell’Aqua 2
055 290748

Red Garter

COST: €15
The most economical Turkey-Day option around will be found at Red Garter for a Thanksgiving gorge -sesh at only €15.  This includes stuffed turkey, baby carrots, sweet potato mash, green beans, roasted potatoes, peas, home-made pumpkin pie and an after dinner prosecco.

Football will be on the TV if that’s your tradition back at home, and after the Thanksgiving festivities end at 10, the party starts back up with karaoke!

Reservations can be made through the Facebook page or by calling.

Via dei Benci 33/r 35/r


Florence Thanksgiving

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