The Pope In Florence

Today marked a historic day, as it was the first Papal visit to Florence in 29 years.

Pope Francis, or Papa Francesco spent the day in Firenze and his presence was felt throughout the city. Extra security, barricades, and increased crowds made it clear that Italy’s most famous figure was in town.


He began his day at the Duomo, first stopping in the newly restored baptistry. Pope Francis then proceeded to greet adoring and curious crowds on his way to bless the sick in the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata. After spending lunch with the poor, the head of the Catholic Church passed Santa Croce to celebrate mass in the Artemio Franchi municipal stadium.

It was quite a unique site to see the Pope with his security detail in his “popemobile,” and was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for everyone in Florence. I was even lucky enough to see the Pope in the morning and afternoon, making today extra special!


Did you catch a glimpse of Pope Francesco while in Firenze?

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  1. Catalina,

    So good to see you enjoying your travels abroad. I just got back from Florence a couple weeks ago. Hope you are having a good of time as we did.

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