Things to Do in Florence: Fiorentina Home Games

11822337_3579151568595_9168594274846608946_nWanting to enjoy a weekend in Florence, but not sure how to fill your time?  Luckily for all human beans in the world, there’s this thing called football, and its kind of a big deal- especially here in Italy.
Florence has their very own ACF Fiorentina football team.  Games are a blast, and the Italians are lively and exciting to cheer along with.

Tickets normally cost around €45, but at the FlorenceForFun office they range usually aroune €10-20, depending on the game, thanks to our work with ACF Fiorentina and OSA Soccer Academy.


Looking for a game to go to?  Here is the Full list of home games this season!

Sunday Sept. 18- vs Roma
Sunday Sept 25- vs Milan
THURSDAY Sept 29**-vs Qaarbag
Sunday Oct 16- vs Atlanta
WEDNESDAY- Oct 26- vs Crotone
THURSDAY Nov 3**-vs Slovan
Sunday Nov 6- vs Sampdoria
THURSDAY Nov 24**- vs Paok
Sunday Dec 4 – vs Palermo
Sunday Dec11- vs Sassuolo
THURSDAY Dec 22- vs Napoli

Hope to see you there!


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