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Despar Supermarket

Despar Grocery Convenience Store Florence Italy

Despar is known as the “neighborhood supermarket” and a convenience store perfect for your quick grocery needs. This is the last remaining Despar Market in Florence. It is perfectly located right next to the Duomo essentially to catch the tourist and student trade passing by on a daily basis.

It is not the right spot to do a big shop, but is perfect when you just need a couple of things and can’t be bothered standing in the lines at the Conad!

Open hours: 

Everyday 9:00am to 9:00pm

Come find us!

Via dell ‘Oriuolo, 66 / red, 50122 Florence FI

Review Overview

Price of food items
Price of household items
Selection of international food
Selection of gluten-free, vegan, etc.
Despar is definitely on the smaller side being more of a convenience store. Their prices seem to almost double that of the other grocery stores and most of their sections such as milk were limited. Though it may be limited they do have a gluten free section. This would also be a good place to go to get school supplies and even birthday decorations!
Jane Dupuis
I am currently a Junior studying abroad in Florence for the fall of 2018 and interning at Campus Florence. I attend Fairfield University and am studying communication and marketing. I absolutely love everything about the city of Florence and making the most out of my abroad experience!

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