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Museo Di San Marco

Originally used built and used as the first public library of the Western World, it was a heaven on earth for humanist and intellectuals of the time to consult books in Latin and Greek.

Today, The San Marco Museum is located in a former monastery founded in the 13th century and houses fresco paintings by Ghirlandaio, Fray Bartolomé, as well as many paintings made by his followers. The dormitory cells of the museum are fully decorated with frescoes by Beato Angelico; a very unique aspect of this museum.

This museum is home to the Annunciation fresco on top of the staircase leading to the dormitories. It is a symbol of purity, obedience, and faith. Another must see here is the Library Hall, also commissioned to Michelozzo and considered one of the best examples of Renaissance interiors, with its arcades supported by narrow pillars with Ionic capitals. Definitely a  major highlight of The San Marco Museum.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friay: 8:15am-1:50pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:15am-4:50pm

Price: €4

Important Information

We suggest that you buy your tickets the day of in person. The cost to buy them online is an additional €3.

Finally, if you have a European Passport, you are eligible for a reduced ticket price! European Union citizens only, between 18 and 26 years old can show their passport or ID for a reduced ticket.

Come find us!

Piazza San Marco, 3, Florence, 50121
Tel: (+39) 055 238 8608



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