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Il Toscanaccio Restaurant

Restaurant Piazza San Firenze Il Toscanaccio Florence Outdoor Dining

In Italian, when you add “accio” as a suffix to a word it turns something good into something bad. So Il Toscanaccio translates to The Bad Tuscan but it is quite the opposite. Their menu is a combination of traditional Tuscan dishes alongside Italian classics and pizzas. Il Toscanaccio and Cafe Bistro next door are open all day, it is a great place to stop regardless of the hour; for a coffee, for a spritz, for a snack or for a meal.

The restaurant takes a dominant position in Piazza San Firenze which is right in the heart of Florence and used to be the home to the Court House. It is the perfect place to relax outside and watch the world go by. The atmosphere inside is cosy with wooden tables and blue check tablecloths.

Stop by on Tuesday nights to check out their weekly showcase featuring Italian and international local musicians. Students are welcome, usually you can borrow a guitar if you don’t have one with you.

Hours of Opening:
Open all day from 8:30am to 1:00am

Average Price: €10 – €35

Campus Florence Discount: 20% Off Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Excludes drinks during happy hour 4:00 – 7:00pm & 10:30pm – 12:30am

Campus Florence Favorites

One of my favorite squares in Florence, Piazza San Firenze is in a pedestrian zone so there is very little traffic (only taxis and the ambulances have access). The guys who work there are super friendly and the prices are not overly inflated like in Piazza Repubblica or Piazza Signoria where a coffee at a table can cost up to 8 euro. For dinner, we love the pasta carbonara and the tagliata di manzo (sliced steak) with parmesan and arugula. It is a great place just to hang out for a beer.

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Come Find Us!

Piazza di S. Firenze, 9, 50122 Firenze FI
Phone: (+39) 055 532 0425
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ToscanaccioFirenze/
Instagram: @iltoscanacciofirenze

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