Take a trip to the Italian Riviera to visit the magnificent Cinque Terre, literally meaning five lands but actually in this case referring to five seaside towns.

Relax on the beautiful beach at Monterosso or follow your tour leader to hike (not included) along the path on the clifftops for stunning panoramic views of the coastline and birdseye views of the quaint villages characterized by their colorful buildings and fishing boats.

For decades visitors have left their messages written on the walls of Lovers’ Lane. Unfortunately due to landslides it is no longer open, however there is now a trend sweeping Italy and Europe, to leave ‘love padlocks’ on railings, gates and any available surface.

Visit some of Italy’s most impressive coastline and let it leave its indelible message on your memories.

Tour Details

Tour Highlights What is Included
⇒ Colored fishing boats scattered through the towns
⇒ Local produce, focaccia, seafood and pesto
⇒ The beach front village of Monterosso
⇒ Stunning views from the hiking trails (hiking optional)
• Round-trip transport
• Free time to explore the towns & beaches
• FlorenceForFun Cinque Terre information sheet
• FlorenceForFun tour leaders

Price: €40    Duration: 1 day
Departure: Fridays & Sundays
Return: Arrive back in Florence at around 8:30pm

Spend the day with the FlorenceForFun tour leader. They will plan a comprehensive itinerary and take you to see all the sights in the Cinque Terre. €20 includes unlimited train travel between the Cinque Terre towns, entrance to the National Park and the hiking trails, free time at the beach in Monterosso and of course the tour leader!

You can decide and pay for this on the bus on the way to the Cinque Terre.

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Tour Operator – FlorenceForFun

FlorenceForFun is a local, homegrown student travel company with an international and multicultural staff. All of us at FlorenceForFun have a passion for travel and love discovering new cities. Many of our staff have studied abroad in Florence and understand that weekend travel is a high priority. That’s why we strive to make your time abroad as amazing as ours was, whether you’re staying in Florence or just visiting.   Read more

How To Book

Online www.florenceforfun.com

Or in the Office
FlorenceForFun Via Ghibellina 131/r (next door to 115), Florence 50122
Tel: (+39) 055 283 759 Cell: (+39) 328 729 0848
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am to 6pm
Email: travel@florenceforfun.com


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