Oktoberfest is the biggest and best traditional beer festival in the world. You’ll spend your time in the beer halls downing steins, singing on table tops and befriending old German men! We refer to our legendary Stoke campsite as Stoketoberfest, the biggest party outside of the halls. When the beer wenches have packed up their steins for the day, our campsite is rearing to go, with gallons of free-flowing beer and sangria, DJ’s, live bands, and carnivalesque entertainment, for upwards of 2500 international guests nightly.

For those of you who still want to party but want a little more comfort!
Stoke Travel’s Festival Glamping Palaces, outdoor sleeping arrangements that lives on the luxurious side, comfortable camping, terrific tents! Stoke Travel’s Glamping options won’t break the bank, and it definitely won’t alienate you from your fellow (less sophisticated) Stokies, but they will make you just that little more comfortable, with your large tent filled with lots of little goodies that you can stand up and stretch in!

Glamping from €90 per night Camping €60 per night
• Large Glamping tent
• Daily breakfasts and dinners
• Hot water bottle
• Unlimited coffee, tea, hot chocolate & marshmallows day station
• Power and lighting
• Beds with Inflatable mattresses with fitted bed sheets, pillows and sleeping bags
• Bottle of water to start the day right, and help the hangover.
• Local newspaper and free WiFi
• Bedside table to keep your shit in order
• Mirror and bin
• Welcome drink, for feeling welcome
• Camping accommodation (pre-erected, twin share tent with mattress & sleeping bag)
• Hearty breakfast every day and dinner every night at camp
• Guides to direct you to the Oktoberfest beer halls on public transport
• The Stoketoberfest campsite, festival within a festival atmosphere, with an international vibe

€60 – €130 per night Duration: min. 2 nights
Info and Booking: www.stoketravel.com/trips/oktoberfest/

Departure: Accommodation Only (you need to book your own transportation)
Bus from Florence to Munich: www.florenceforfun.com

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Want to know more about a weekend at Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel?

Stoke Travel – Party Travel for the Open-Minded International

Stoke Travel is based in Barcelona and is one of the biggest travel operators for 18 – 30s in Europe. They specialize in local experiences and festivals. If you want more information before you book it is easy to contact them:
Phone (USA): 619 354 5114
Email: info@stoketravel.com
Skype: stoke.travel

Website: www.stoketravel.com/trips/oktoberfest/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stoketravel
Instagram: @stoketravel
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/StokeTravelChannel/

Remember that whatever you are booking, whether it is Oktoberfest or something else your CAMPUS code will always save you 10%. Prost!!!


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