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Stoke Travel Oktoberfest Camping or Glamping

Oktoberfest is the biggest and best traditional beer festival in the world. You’ll spend your time in the beer halls downing steins, singing on table tops and befriending old German men! We refer to our legendary Stoke campsite as Stoketoberfest, the biggest party outside of the halls. When the beer wenches have packed up their steins for the day, our campsite is rearing to go, with gallons of free-flowing beer
Body Art Firenze Florence Workout Personal Training
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Body Art Firenze – Group Workouts

Body Art Firenze is the biggest Street Workout/Calisthenics school in Florence. They have no phyiscal location in the traditional sense of an office or gymnasium but instead workout in Florence's parks and outdoor spaces. Their regular workout spot is in Florence's biggest centrally located park Le Cascine. The space is open everyday so Daniel runs classes everyday. The classes are in both Italian and English and last for about 1
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Acqua Vivaci Fish Pedicure

Fish therapy is the rejuvenation your feet may be in need of. The Garra Rufa fish or doctor fish at the Acqua Vivaci spa will gently nibble at your feet leaving them velvety soft. The spa services include fish pedicure, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. Immerse yourself in a relaxed environment with friendly staff greeting you upon entry. Enjoy your choice of a complimentary glass of Chianti wine or hot tea. The