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The historic center of Split is dominated by The Diocletian Palace, which centuries ago served as a retreat for the Roman emperor. Today the palace creates an impressive backdrop to the palm-lined waterfront, as well as an impressive set for popular tv show Game of Thrones. There is no doubt that historic center is interesting and beautiful however the real reason to visit Split is for its proximity to dozens
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Experience an adrenaline rush as you soar over Croatia’s stunning wilderness. Your views will include the breathtaking emerald green Cetina River winding through the valleys near Omiš, Croatia. The ziplines are surrounded by wild vegetation and canyons, and begins with a brief hike up to the first wire. The natural harmony in and around this zipline site is incredible and the views you'll take in are breathtaking as you admire the river! Trip Details
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Experience an adventurous ride down Croatia’s natural beauty, the emerald green Cetina River. Duck through lush overgrown trees expanding over the river and find yourself in large scenic expanses as you rush down the Cetina and enjoy an included dinner! This river winds its way through fields and cliffs creating rapids, waterfalls, lakes surrounded by wild vegetation and canyons. The natural harmony in and around this river is still unharmed
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Nestled between two (Krknjaši) islands, the picturesque Blue Lagoon is blessed with crystal clear waters, abundant sea life and backdrops to make any influencer swoon. Take time to swim, snorkel or sunbathe between the included lunch and stunning stops at the Lagoon and Maslinica Bay! Spend the morning cruising along Split's coastline, relaxing on the boat and admiring your beautiful surroundings. You'll be amazed at the clear waters and beauty of