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The Inside Scoop on Gelato in Florence

Finding gelato in Florence is just as easy as you would think. After all, Florence is its birthplace so it’s no wonder there is a gelateria on every street. The not so easy part is finding the places with authentic, flavorful gelato. I’ve been living in Florence for almost two months and have tried a LOT of different gelaterias and have yet to discover “bad” gelato. That being said, there
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Where to Have Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a bittersweet time of year for students studying abroad. Although you’re surrounded by new friendships, it can be hard not to be home for the holiday. Lucky for you, there are four great restaurants celebrating Thanksgiving right here in Florence! Check out all the fabulous Thanksgiving feasts going on: The Diner  Campus Florence and The Diner are teaming up to do an awesome Thanksgiving celebration! For just €25
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Five Places with Amazing Outdoor Spaces

Everyone loves sitting outside, especially now as we transition from summer to fall and it is no longer 100 degrees. We know there are endless restaurant options but often when what you really want is to chill in a square with a couple of friends and a vino, you can't think of anywhere to go. So to make it easier on yourself, here is a selection of restaurants with great
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Favorite Brunch Spots in Florence

Even though you're not in America, brunch is still alive and well out here in Florence! There are many places around town to get your classic brunch fix, but here are the Campus Florence team's favorite spots. You'll have to try all four to find out which is your personal favorite! The Red Garter The Red Garter, Italy's oldest American bar that opened in 1962, hosts a popular Sunday brunch

A Fiorentine Specialty: La Bistecca

A treat you cannot miss during your time in Florence is the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, or simply called La Bistecca.  An amazing t-bone cut, seared on the outside and rare on the inside- you have not experienced Florence if you don't try this steak! The Legend According to word of mouth and Fiorentine legend, on the birthday of St. Lorenz (August 10), the night of the shooting stars, the Medici Family

Thanksgiving in Florence

Not looking to cook a meal this Thanksgiving in Florence, but still want to celebrate one of our favorite American Holidays?  Look no further than this handy list right here to satisfy all of your Thanksgiving needs from our favorite restaurants here in Florence. OUR recommendation: Quinoa Gluten Free Restaurant Why not spend Thanksgiving dinner at a place where everyone can eat, even your friends with special dietary restrictions?  Have

Don Nino:Your Perfect Duomo Dessert

There are probably about a thousand different gelato places in Florence, each one with a sign on the front door saying theirs is the best in the country. It's hard to pick out the best of the best among so many different possibilities (note: huge mounds of gelato are a definite no no - mounds mean preservatives, and we don't want preservatives!), but there's no better way to find out

Le Vespe Café: Get an American Breakfast in Florence

Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory Big breakfasts, for me, rank right up there as the cure for all the side effects of a hangover. I’m sure you know the feeling. You’re eyes are slits to block out the blinding light, your phone’s battery on red and your background a picture of randos who look like they’re having a great time. You feel drained of all energy and starving to replenish the

How to Find the Perfect Gelato

How to know if gelato is good or not is a finely crafted skill that takes months of taste-testing. Lucky for you, the staff at Campus Florence have become quite the experts on finding the best gelato in Florence. Because after eating bruschetta, pizza, spaghetti, or your ideal Italian meal– what are you craving? The perfect gelato! Your Italian experience could not be complete without this sweet treat. We’ll tell you where

Cheap Eats for Students

Dante’s - Via San Cristofano, 2 Free wine for students Lion’s Fountain -  Borgo degli Albizi, 34 Coffee and a bagel for 2,50 euro Pino’s - Via Verdi, 36r Cheap and delicious fresh sandwiches for 3,50 euro, plus deli items and take-away The Diner - Via dell’Acqua, 3 10% discount for students (with the Diner student card) and free drink on Meal Deal Monday’s (with the flier – from the FFF office) O’Vesuvio - Via