How To SaveWhile Traveling on Study Abroad

Traveling While Abroad and Saving Along the Way

Traveling While Studying Abroad  Before leaving my small suburban city in Northern California, I began to imagine what my life would be like while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I pictured flight after flight in new cities almost every weekend to cover the most ground in Europe that I could in a short period of time. This type of traveling has become a common goal for many abroad students looking
Best Gelato Florence Firenze Campus Student Discount

The Inside Scoop on Gelato in Florence

Finding gelato in Florence is just as easy as you would think. After all, Florence is its birthplace so it’s no wonder there is a gelateria on every street. The not so easy part is finding the places with authentic, flavorful gelato. I’ve been living in Florence for almost two months and have tried a LOT of different gelaterias and have yet to discover “bad” gelato. That being said, there
Calcio Storico Historic Medieval Football Match in Florence

Calcio Storico Match in Santa Croce

What better way to immerse yourself in the Florentine culture and history than watching men dressed in medieval costumes beat each other up? If you haven’t heard of Calcio Storico, or medieval football, we’ve got some exciting news for you. This Sunday, you can spend your afternoon watching one of these insane football game that pretty much has no rules. Think American hockey, but way more intense. The best part
Study Abroad Student Hacks to Save Money Campus Florence

Hacks to Save Money on Study Abroad

We are posting this now since it is getting very close to Christmas and all the travel companies in Florence will be having sales really soon. In fact this is our no. 1 hack. Travel will account for almost two thirds of your semester budget. Every weekend (Thursday - Sunday) you will spend approximately €400 - €500, exploring Italy and traveling to the most important and amazing cities in Europe. Make your
Internship In Florence Italy

5 Things Florence Taught Me

Arriving to the airport with my 2 suitcases barely making the weight limit, 5 different "guides to Florence" saved on my phone, and my passport in hand it was safe to say I was ready to embark on my 3 month long adventure. Now that my time in Florence has flown by I have learned so much about myself and don't regret a moment of my time spent abroad. 1.
Make your abroad apartment feel like home Campus Florence

4 Ways Make Your Abroad Room Feel Like Home

If you are looking to spice up the walls of your apartment in Florence or just want to make your bedroom feel more like home these four things will definitely help you to do so. Whether it be a cute decoration or an addition to your bed these items will enhance your room even if you are on a budget. I know for me making my apartment feel more like
Best Water Bottles and Flasks Study Abroad

4 Water Bottles To Take on Study Abroad

I cannot stress how important it is to bring a water bottle with you abroad. I know some people who bought plastic water bottles daily and I can't imagine the amount of money they spent not to mention how bad it is for the earth! Staying hydrated while abroad is so important since you will be spending much of your time walking around.  There are many different water bottles to
Great Apps for Study Abroad

5 Apps That Helped Me Through Abroad

Before or during abroad I ended up downloading these five apps onto my phone and each and every one of them helped me in some sort of way. From travel to food to money you will want these apps as a helping hand throughout abroad. CampusFlorence: Featuring the best deals on restaurants and shops in Florence, the CampusFlorence app is the #1 app every study abroad student must have on
Thanksgiving Campus Florence Diner Red Garter Quinoa Hard Rock Cafe

Where to Have Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a bittersweet time of year for students studying abroad. Although you’re surrounded by new friendships, it can be hard not to be home for the holiday. Lucky for you, there are four great restaurants celebrating Thanksgiving right here in Florence! Check out all the fabulous Thanksgiving feasts going on: The Diner  Campus Florence and The Diner are teaming up to do an awesome Thanksgiving celebration! For just €25

To Florence with love Dana

When I first decided I was going to study abroad in Florence I never imagined that staying an extra two months would be in the cards for me. I am from New Jersey originally and I study multimedia journalism at Virginia Tech. My family and friends mean everything to me, and although it was very hard to say bye to them in January I knew that I was ready to