Italy at Night: Clubs for the Student Abroad

By: Alyssa Gregory

While Paris is known as the city of light, Florence lights up when the sun goes down. With the large amount of students studying abroad, it’s not surprising that the bar scene selections is overflowing. There’s a bartender and a bar counter to match your spirit.

Florence nightlife is blazing, especially since clubs don't shut down until 4 am. (Photo by Laura Parsons.)
Florence nightlife is alight every night and most clubs don’t shut down until 4 am. (Photo by Laura Parsons.)

Looking for Love

Known for its heavy US college influence, the Irish style pub Lion’s Club is the where the local silver-tongued Romeo’s gather to admire fresh off the plane study abroad students. Popular among study abroad students it’s usually packed, like can’t-move-a-muscle-without-groping-someone packed, making the small bar the perfect place to meet a local or someone from home.

Quiet Night

Loud raucous crowds not your style? Follow the locals to Rex Café. The chill ambience of Rex Café , especially early in the night, makes this lounge-like bar a classier choice for the evening. Or a great place to pre-game before heading to the disco-teks. Grab a table early and enjoy people watching over a  beautifully mixed Bellini.

Enlightening Experience

The Jazz Club pleases both your taste buds and your ears. Live shows start around 10.30 nightly. Though there is a 8 euro membership fee but it will get you in the door for an entire year. Popular among the fiorentinos and a secret to many students, The Jazz Club offers an authentic scene to enjoy local musicians and a night of jazz.

Party Hard

When the European café’s just don’t do it for you, leave the artsy classy world behind and submerge yourself in a pint of cold beer American style. With bras and underwear hanging from the ceiling and Beer Pong taking center stage Uncle Jimmy’s is the place to get wasted. Watch US sports or challenge the locals to a classic college drinking game, like flip cup. And just like in college you won’t find it hard to get carried away.

Home sick

When home seems so far away wail about it into the Red Garter microphone. Karaoke becomes even easier after enjoying one of their 2 liter jugs of cocktails and soak up the alcohol with some American style wings. Reminding me of home, the bar is constantly packed with rowdy intoxicated young adults just looking for a good time.  So just be aware it is going to get loud and little crazy.

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