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IT Taxi App and App Taxi are the closest things you can find to Uber in Florence. They give you the option to put your credit/debit card into the app or pay with cash at the end of your ride. They are app are very easy to use. To order a taxi, go into the app and plug in your address. The cabs come within 5-10 minutes and are always
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The tram is an easy and quick method of transport in Florence. While it does not go through the historic city center, it runs from the Careggi Hospital to Villa Constanza (a common stop for Flixbus) and vice versa. The entire route, end to end, takes approximately 40 minutes. Along the way, the tram will make stops at various places like the Santa Maria Novella train station and Cascine park.
How to get to the airport bus shuttles Florence
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Airport Shuttle Transfers

While travel in and out of Florence, the main airports that you will most likely travel from are Florence, Pisa, Rome and Milan. Pisa, Rome, and Milan are major hubs for low-cost airlines. In recent years, low-cost flights have become more common from Florence airport as well. Autostradale The autostradale is an easy and cheaper option if you're flying out of Pisa. The shuttle bus departs from the Florence Santa
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Train Travel

There are two train operators in Italy. Trenitalia is owned by the state (government) and is the primary provider of train travel and transport services in Italy. The Trenitalia network includes commuter trains within the regions (like Florence - Pisa) and long distance, fast train services between Italian, and European capitals. A more recent, privately owned train operator, ItaloTreno, offers fast train travel between major Italian cities only. Trains are
Mobike Bike Sharing App Florence Italy
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If you haven’t already heard of Mobike, it’s the app that lets you rent a bike at your convenience. Mobike is a bike sharing service to fulfil urban need to get around quickly and easily. The hardest part is finding a Mobike! When you open the App it will imediately pinpoint your location and show you the closest available bikes. Then all you have to do is scan the code