If you haven’t already heard of Mobike, it’s the app that lets you rent a bike at your convenience. Mobike is a bike sharing service to fulfil urban need to get around quickly and easily. The hardest part is finding a Mobike!

When you open the App it will imediately pinpoint your location and show you the closest available bikes. Then all you have to do is scan the code on the back of the bike. Once you scan, your off on your adventure! When you’re finished, return your Mobike to any legal parking destination. You can actually leave your Mobike anywhere but Mobike rewards you for leaving it in the bike parking bays. It’s that simple!

Mobike is also very cost effective. The app charges your account for every 20 minute ride you take. It is only €0.69 for every 20 minutes; that’s so cheap! The app takes money from your account balance — meaning you have to put money into your Mobike app from a credit card. But if you’re going to be here for a while, consider signing up for a monthly, semesterly, or annual subscription.

Mobike is the easiest, most affordable way to rent a bike around Florence. Download the app and grab a bike!

Opening Hours:
Available 24/7 through the Mobike App

Price: €0.69 per 20 minutes for Mobike Classic and €0.99 for the new Mobike Lite version

What does Campus Florence think about Mobike!

We love it. The number of times we have had our bikes stolen or just destroyed when they are locked up on the street makes owning a bike more expensive than you would expect. To be able to use a communal bike when and where it suits you is GREAT! Word to the wise — the first lot of Mobikes that came to Florence were small and heavy. The second batch are on a completely different level. Look out for these bigger versions that also have gears.

Tip: If you want to make a day out of it and explore Florence by bike then it would be worthwhile renting a normal bike for the day. Go speak to our friends at Tuscany Cycle for more info.

Come find us!

There are Mobikes located all over Florence. Within the Mobike App, you can see where different bikes are located and where Mobike hubs are.

Mobike Hubs
Via Verdi 14 (near the corner of Va Ghibellina)
Via Proconsolo 51r (near the corner of Via del Corso)
Look out for the blue P on your Mobike Map

Instagram: @mobikeit

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