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The Inside Scoop on Gelato in Florence

Finding gelato in Florence is just as easy as you would think. After all, Florence is its birthplace so it’s no wonder there is a gelateria on every street. The not so easy part is finding the places with authentic, flavorful gelato.

I’ve been living in Florence for almost two months and have tried a LOT of different gelaterias and have yet to discover “bad” gelato. That being said, there are definitely places that stand out more than others that have some pretty incredible gelato. With the help of the Campus Florence staff and some locals, I came up with a list of the top 6 best places for gelato in Florence.

In order to give an accurate review of these places, I of course had to go and try them all for myself! With friends joining me in my gelato filled weekend, we were able to go to all six places over the span of four days, because in Italy that much gelato is totally acceptable.

Right off the bat I noticed some things that helped us distinguish the more authentic gelato places. Gelaterias with those big, bright, and colorful mountains of gelato behind the glass may look great for your Instagram but the gelato at these places tends to be less authentic and even artificial. At the places we went to, all the gelato was in small tubs, where the gelato is visible once you approach the glass and some even had them in covered tubs where you couldn’t even see the gelato at all. This is a telltale sign that the gelato is going to be fresher and more authentic!

The hard part comes when it’s time to order. In Italy, the standard size allows you to get two flavors. I don’t think you can really go wrong with picking a flavor of gelato but I’m a strong believer that chocolate makes everything better, so I normally go for chocolate and then whatever looks good that day! I definitely recommend trying some classic flavors like hazelnut, pistachio, stracciatella, and strawberry at some point during your stay.

If you aren’t dying for some gelato by now, check out our favorite places below!

1. Gelateria de Neri

My personal favorite, this adorable shop located by the Uffizi gallery has a wide variety of flavors. Family run, with their gelato all homemade, it packs a lot of flavor. I love to get the strawberry and chocolate here because who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries?! The strawberry tastes so fresh and the chocolate is so rich and creamy, they make the perfect combo.

2. Gelateria Carabe

Located near the Duomo, this gelato shop has some delicious classic flavors like almond and chocolate. We tried the apricot, chocolate, kiwi, ricotta, and almond from here. All the flavors were great, but the almond in particular was the best almond we’ve had yet!

3. Perche No!

Perche No means “why not” in English, and that should really be the motto when it comes to getting gelato. No matter the time of day, when someone suggests getting gelato, the answer should always be “why not!”. Perche No is a small shop located by Piazza della Republica. Its gelato is very creamy, and they have a large variety of flavors with big portions in your cone or cup. Here we tried the chocolate and the Stracciatella.

4. Eduardo’s

With an amazing location right next to the Duomo, enjoy your gelato with a view. This place is all about serving fresh and authentic gelato, without additives and artificial flavoring. Eduardo’s also makes their own gelato cones in house! Check this spot out for vegan gelato options as well because everyone deserves to try some gelato.

5. Gelateria la Carraia

With two locations, this gelato shop can be easily found. One shop is located right off the banks of the Arno next to the Ponte alla Carraia, providing a great view of the Ponte Vecchio. Here we tried the dark chocolate, coconut, cheesecake, and white chocolate pistachio. All the flavors were very good and strong.

The other can be found more inside of the city center. We had the chocolate raspberry at that location which is a favorite among my friends!

6.  Amorino’s

For a very unique looking cone of gelato swing by Amorino’s. While they are not in fact an Italian gelato shop, their gelato is a work of art. Literally, your cone becomes a work of art as the gelato is transformed into a beautiful gelato flower perched on top of the cone. Add a little extra something to your dessert with a delicious macaroon placed on the center of the flower.



Author: Francesca Sena: I am a senior at Towson University studying Communication Studies. I love traveling around Europe and getting to experience so many different cultures and places!

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