Eco Tours Italia

If you’ve already been in Florence, you’ve probably noticed these green electric carts parked in nearly every main piazza. The carts are a part of Eco Green Tours, a company that provides tours of Florence in a simpler, quicker, and more eco-friendly way. One of their lively and licensed tour guides will drive you around the historic city center of Florence and take you to all the main points and highlights in an hour and a half! You will of course still be able to get your pictures for Instagram as they stop for photos and will take you to see the most beautiful panoramic views in Florence. The carts are heated and do provide rain protection, so comfort is never a concern. Most importantly, the electric carts are safe, environment-friendly and contributes to the clean energy movement going on around the world.

Additionally, they offer other tours like a Florence carriage night tour or a privately guided tour of the two most popular museums, the Accademia (where you can find the David) and Uffizi Gallery. Whether you’re a tourist, studying abroad, or visiting friends/family, Eco Green Tours is a fun and unique way to explore Florence that everyone will enjoy!

Tour Times: Everyday at 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm (must be booked 24 hours in advance)
Duration: approximately 1.5 hours
Adult Price: €29 standard tour, €39 extended tour

Use Promo Code CAMPUS when booking online for 15% Off!

Preview of the Florence Eco Tour


Come Find Us or Even Easier, Book Online!

Via delle Porte Nuove 27, 50144 Florence
Phone: (+39) 055 333 161 / (+39) 366 954 5154

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