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A Farmacia in Florence is very different than mega-pharmacies you'll find in the US. Here in Florence, a Farmacia carries both over-the-counter and prescription medicines as well as a selection of toiletries and supplies such as bandaids, feminine products, and sunscreen. The standard opening hours are from 9:00am to between
Emergency Room The ER that we recommended is called Santa Maria Nuova. You don't have to call an ambulance because they take walk-ins. However, if you need an ambulance, they are available 24/7. To call an ambulance, the number is 118. Everyone is welcome to use the emergency services, whether
Brancacci Chapel Piazza del Carmine Florence
Museums & Churches

Cappella Brancacci

Construction of the Santa Maria del Carmine church began in 1268 with the financial help of the Comune of Florence and its wealthiest families. It was finally completed in 1475, although the west facade of the church was in fact never finished. In 1771, a devastating fire broke out and destroyed
Forte di Belvedere Florence
Museums & Churches

Forte di Belvedere

The Forte Belvedere was commissioned by the Grand Duke Ferninand I and realized by Bernardo Buontalenti over a five year period from 1590 to 1595. Although fortifications serve to protect a city, it was also a demonstration of Florence's wealth and capabilities and a testement to the power and prestige
Piazza Duomo Bigallo Museum

Museo del Bigallo

Last Supper Ghirlandaio Ognissanti Church and Convent Florence

Last Supper of Ognissanti

Cenacolo Perugino Fuligno Last Supper Florence

The Last Supper of Fuligno

Cenacolo Last Supper Museum Sant'Apollonia Florence

Last Supper of Sant’Apollonia

Cenacolo Last Supper Andrea Del Sarto San Salvi Florence

Last Supper by Andrea del Sarto

Plazzo Vecchio Old Palace Florence Firenze

Palazzo Vecchio

Santi Apostoli Religious Services in Florence in English and Italian
Religious Services

Santi Apostoli Archdiocese of Florence

Serving all English speakers--especially study abroad students--Santi Apostoli offers many religious services in English. They are known to be extremely welcoming to university students as they have an environment that promotes students to connect with their faith, the locals of Florence, and each other. Religious Services Daily Mass Rosary: 5:30
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