Conad Supermarket

One of the largest supermarket chains in Italy. When walking around the city it may feel like you run into a Conad on almost every street. With 8 Conad supermarkets and 4 Sapori & Dintorni Stores spread throughout the city this is what makes it such a popular and convenient super market especially for study abroad students. Sapori & Dintorni is their more high quality line offering regional products that have been carefully selected, all products are made using local raw materials and traditional methods. It you are looking for gifts at the end of the semester, this can be a great option.

Another great thing about Conad is the Conad Fidelity Card. Each time you shop, you can earn points towards gifts. Or sometimes you can get store credit instead. Even better is that with your Conad card, you will receive special discounts on everyday items you’re already buying! Ask the cashier to sign up for a Conad card the next time you shop. You can use your Conad card in any of their stores.

Open hours:
Varies slightly from store to store but generally from 8:00am to 9:00pm

Campus Florence Review

We will be reviewing supermarkets shortly to let you know how they rate for price, range of products and speciality items like gluten free and vegan as well as American products. Like how much is peanut butter.


Come find us!

1. Via Pietrapiana, 42, Florence 50121
2. Via dei Servi, 56 R, Florence 50122
3. Via Del Melarancio, 7/9 R, Florence 50123

4. Corso dei Tintori, 18/24, Florence 50122
5. Borgo Ognissanti, 86-88-90/R, Florence 50123
6. Via Santa Monaca, 6/8, Florence 50124
7. Via Scipione Ammirato, 94, Florence 50136
8. Via de’ Bardi, 45, Florence 50125
9. Borgo S. Lorenzo, 15, Florence 50032
10. Largo Fratelli Alinari, 6, Florence 50123
11. Via Luigi Alamanni, Florence 50100


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