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Yellow Hostel Rome

A lot of study abroad students have never stayed in a hostel before. Not knowing what to expect, it can be nerve racking since it is a different experience than staying in an Airbnb or a hotel. When our intern Gracie went to Rome, she stayed at the Yellow Square. Here is a comprehensive review and what to expect if you book a trip there.


When you first walk into the Yellow Square hostel, you’ll be greeted by young and friendly staff. One of the front desk people, Gus, checked my friend, Lauren, and I in Friday night and he couldn’t have been friendlier. He immediately started asking us where were we from, what are we doing in Europe, and even gave us the low down and a huge wine festival going on right outside of Rome the next day.

Since I booked our stay on the Yellow Square’s official website, they gave us wristbands that gave us priority access into the bar/club on the opposite side of the street, 20% off drinks and any activities we wanted to do with the hostel. They offer everything from walking tours around Rome to cooking classes – this place does it all! Our room was roughly €34 a night which is actually cheaper than the rate that was on Hostelworld. Also, be aware that there is a local tax that is €7.

This hostel is definitely a party scene. If you’re looking for a way to meet new people and have a fun night out, this is the place to be. Each night the Yellow Square Bar does different events. While we were their, Friday night was DJ night and Saturday was Karaoke. Lauren and I went to the bar Friday and it was one of the best nights of my study abroad trip so far!

With our yellow wristbands, we got priority access into the bar and discounts on drinks making them super cheap as far as drinks go. Every drink we ordered was under €6 and every one I ordered was €4. The bar was very lively and filled with people from all over the world. We spent the night talking to new people and dancing to great American music.

The next morning, we went back to the bar because they also serve food during the day. They offer American style cuisine for all meals and they had an assortment of pastries and coffee for breakfast. We both got a full meal and it was €6 each. Not only was it delicious, but you get a lot of bang for your buck! I ordered scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon and Lauren got a cheese omelette with tomatoes slices. Both came with homefries and toast. It was tasty meal that reminded me of home.

Every person we met at the hostel was friendly and outgoing from the staff to the other guests staying there. When you plan your stay at the Yellow Square, be prepared to party but have an incredible time meeting people from all over the globe.

The Rooms

Lauren and I stayed in a all female four-bed room. It consisted of two bunk beds, each with it’s own reading lamp and two outlets. Our room also had its own bathroom inside. The bed area was very clean and offered storage both under the bed and a safe for each person in the room. The storage locker under the bed does not come with a lock so if you are worried about your valuables, either bring or buy your own lock or put your valuables in the safe. The beds come with sheets and a comforter for your convenience but towels are an extra €3. However, you can change your towel out as many times as you like and it comes with a little tote bag you get to keep.

The only downside was the bathroom. Although the toilet and sink were very clean, the shower and room itself was looked old and grungy unlike the rest of the room. TIP: sharing a shower? Bring flip flops!!!


Just like your freshman year of college, you never know who you’re going to be put with in your hostel room. We were lucky enough our first night to meet two great girls that we extremely sweet and polite. The second night we were not as lucky. Just keep in mind you’re not in the room much and you’re there to have a good time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would 100% recommend this hostel to anyone staying in Rome. I wish we were there longer to experience their authentic Italian restaurant, Mamma Angela’s people rave about and to have done a pasta making or photography workshop. Both the hostel and bar are very affordable and a lively atmosphere. Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, it is a great place to stay especially for students studying abroad. It’ll make both you and your wallet very happy.

Book on The Yellow Website for the best prices and deals on local tours and activities.

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