Best Water Bottles and Flasks Study Abroad

4 Water Bottles To Take on Study Abroad

I cannot stress how important it is to bring a water bottle with you abroad. I know some people who bought plastic water bottles daily and I can’t imagine the amount of money they spent not to mention how bad it is for the earth! Staying hydrated while abroad is so important since you will be spending much of your time walking around.  There are many different water bottles to choose from but I’d saying going for a more quality one is the right move. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the following water bottles..

     1. Hydroflask

Starting at $45 a hydroflask is what I use and let me say they are my favorite. Even though they are definitely a tad larger and heavier than any other given water bottle I would say they are the best!! These stainless steel water bottles in an array of colors keep your water cold up to 24 hours, hot beverages hot up to 6 hours, hold 32oz. of water, and are extremely durable. You can also purchase new tops separately in different colors.

2. S’well

At about $30 these 17oz. water bottles are very popular especially since they come in a huge array of different colors and patterns. They are able to keep your cold beverages cold for 24 hours and your hot beverages for 12! I have many friends who have these water bottles because they have the same idea as hydroflask however they are cheaper and lighter to carry around.

3. Brita

Even though most places you will travel to have clean drinking water, these brita water bottles filter your water for you. They are made out of hard plastic, feature a flip open straw, and cost only $18. If you are super paranoid about the quality of the water you are drinking then these water bottles are certainly for you!!!

     4. CamelBak

These plastic water bottles are extremely reasonable starting at only $10. They are super basic featuring a loop hole for easy carrying along with a spill proof top and straw. The one downfall that come with plastic water bottles is that they don’t stay as cold as long as the stainless steal ones.


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