Great Apps for Study Abroad

5 Apps That Helped Me Through Abroad

Before or during abroad I ended up downloading these five apps onto my phone and each and every one of them helped me in some sort of way. From travel to food to money you will want these apps as a helping hand throughout abroad.


Featuring the best deals on restaurants and shops in Florence, the CampusFlorence app is the #1 app every study abroad student must have on their phone. Not only did this app help me save money while abroad but it also introduced me to new restaurants and made it so much easier to choose where I wanted to eat. (And I interned at Campus Florence so I helped choose the businesses, run the instagram and pilot the App 😉)


For those days when its raining outside or you simply don’t want to get out of bed… deliveroo will save you! With a wide selection of restaurants it’s easy to find whatever you may be craving. Just like UberEats you are given the option to enter in your credit card information then track your order until they arrive at your address. Every time I ordered it was quick and easy!

it Taxi:

I found that using an app like it Taxi was much easier than calling the taxi number. You can even enter your credit card information into the app so you won’t have to worry about having cash for the ride. After ordering your ride you will be given your taxi number and can track how far away they are. This app was the closest thing I could find to Uber here!!


Simply put in the destination you are trying to get to and they will provide you with all the different transportation options to get you there. From bus to train to plane this app has it all and will allow you to compare all your different options for travel.

Euro to Dollar:

You can find plenty of money converting apps but this is one of the more basic and free ones! Euro to US dollars and the reverse. I found it helpful to use when venmoing people or when out shopping to know exactly how much something cost.


Aside from shamelessly plugging Campus Florence, neither Jane nor Campus Florence have received a financial or any other kind of incentive to promote these apps. These were choosen independently, by Jane, based on her experience during her Fall Smeester in Florence.

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