Fodazione Salvatore Romano PIazza Santo Spirito

Fondazione Salvatore Romano

The museum houses the private art collection of Salvatore Romano, which he donated to the City of Florence in 1946. Before his death in 1955, Romano personally set up the museum, carefully choosing the artworks and artefacts, where and how they were to be displayed.

The museum is housed in the refectory of the convent erected by Augustinian hermet friars next to Santo Spirito Church. Decorated in 14th century gothic style, it is the only room in the convent that has maintained its original structure. It is also decorated with an outstanding fresco by Andrea Orcagna depicting the Crucifixion and The Last Supper.

Although Salvatore Romano had no background in humanistic studies, he had a great passion for art, sculptures in particular, and had a great interest in collecting antiques. He collected numerous sculptures and works of art throughout his life, but some of the most significant include the Caryatid and the Adoring Angel by Tino di Camaino and the Madonna with Child by Jacopo della Quercia.

The entrance to the Fondazione Salvatore Romano can be found in the building to the left of the Santo Spirito Church.

Opening Hours:
Monday and Saturday from 10am-5pm
Sunday from 1pm-5pm

Price: €10; reduced price for university students/ages 18-25 €7
The ticket includes entrance into both the Fondazione Salvatore Romano and Cappella Brancacci.

Important Information

Entrance to the Brancacci Chapel is limited to a maximum of 30 people every 30 minutes. Their website states that a reservation is necessary but des not cost any extra. You can also make your reservation there directly on the day provided that there is still availability.

How To Get There

Piazza Santo Spirito 29, Florence 50125
Tel: (+39) 055 287043


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