Tech Essentials for Study Abroad

4 Tech Products I Used Every Day Abroad

Check out the four technology products I couldn’t live without on my study abroad in Florence!!! I use each and every one of these products every day that I have been abroad. Grab these things stateside — not only will you want them from day one in Florence but if you wait until you get here you may not be able to find them or they will be much pricier. (And if you buy technology in Italy, the instructions will be in Italian!!!)

1. JETech Portable Charger

Nothing worse than having your phone die at the worst possible time. A portable charger saved me from this especially when I would get on a bus or plane that didn’t have outlets. For around $22 you can fully charge your phone on the go. I chose this one because it was compact, available with prime delivery and a great price. Electronics are hard to find in the center of Florence and I ended up paying way more to buy one here.

2. Universal all-in-one adapter

I had only brought EU adapters abroad. So when I arrived in London and remembered my adapters would not work I was extremely frustrated and wish I had purchased an all-in-one adapter. I recommend investing in a universal all-in-one adapter such as this one so that you won’t be in the same situation I was in. This one is perfect as it can be used in over 160 countries, you can charge up to 4 different devices at a time, and not to mention it is a super cute blue color!

3. Apple Headphones

For when you need a source of entertainment on long bus rides, blocking out your roommates snoring, or working out. Apple headphones are my favorite and these come with 2 pairs just in case you lose a pair. 

4. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I have had my JBL speaker for almost 3 years now and I have used it almost everyday while abroad. It has come in great use while cooking in my apartment, on the boat trip in Croatia, at the beach in Amalfi, and when getting ready to go out! Although a tad pricier than other speakers I’d say it is so worth it. Featuring bluetooth, wireless, splash-proof, and up to 10 hours of battery. It comes in several colors and the size is perfect!


All of these products were chosen by Jane, who has interned at Campus Florence this Fall semester. Neither Jane nor Campus Florence have received any financial incentive to promote these specific products. All product images have been taken directly from where these products can be purchased. For prices and more information about each specific product you can click the product title or image.

Header image credit: ID 102880121 © Publicdomainphotos

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