Leather Market: Real or Faux


While walking through the markets in the Piazza San Lorenzo you are surrounded by everything leather. Choices are unlimited, but how do you know you are actually buying leather? Here at Campus Florence we have composed a quick check-list to help ensure your next bag is authentic.

1) Look at the labels
Sounds obvious, but looking for the words “genuine leather” or “vera pelle”  on a product’s label is the easiest way to tell if what you are buying is real leather. Below are some pictures of common labels/symbols that are found on authentic leather products in Florence.

IMG_1263 IMG_1255

2) Inspect the edges
Authentic leather products will have a rough around the edges look while faux leather will have perfect/foamy looking edges.

3) Examine the pores
Every piece of leather, just like the animal it comes from, is different. The pores and markings on leather are inconsistent and unique. If you come across a product that has consistent patterns or markings then chances are it is faux leather.

4) Touch the leather
Leather is flexible and soft whereas faux leather is smooth and sometimes feels similar to plastic.

5) Smell the product
The smell of leather is very distant and cannot be replicated by synthetic materials.

6) Use a lighter
Ask the vender to prove that the purse is real leather by holding a lighter to it. Real leather cannot catch on fire whereas faux leather will melt. If the vender refuses to do this then the product is definitely not real!

Now that you can ensure you are buying an authentic product be sure you are getting the best deal… This blog post has some helpful tips on how to bargain in Florence.

Good Luck!

Information from http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-Tell-the-Difference-Between-Faux-Leather-and-Real-Leather-/10000000177636273/g.html

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