Don Nino:Your Perfect Duomo Dessert

There are probably about a thousand different gelato places in Florence, each one with a sign on the front door saying theirs is the best in the country. It’s hard to pick out the best of the best among so many different possibilities (note: huge mounds of gelato are a definite no no – mounds mean preservatives, and we don’t want preservatives!), but there’s no better way to find out than by going on a taste test adventure. I’ve had a few of my own during my time here in Florence, and so far my personal favorite has to be  Don Nino Gelateria & PasticceriaIMG_1048

Located on the right hand corner of Via Ricasoli at the Piazza del Duomo, Don Nino is a favorite within Florence’s historic center. Don’t be fooled by its prime location and cute, café-type look: it’s not a tourist trap! I’ve found it’s no more expensive than any other good gelaterias around this area and even better, they also serve both savory and sweet treats to satisfy any of your cravings. IMG_1046

As for their gelato, it’s one of the creamiest and smoothest I’ve had so far in Florence. They have your classic cup or cone options, and if you want to go all out you can upgrade to a chocolate-topped waffle cup instead.


There’s always a line for the gelato outside, so if the crowd doesn’t convince you, you should definitely give it a try for yourself. Grab a cone, head up to the Duomo, and enjoy the view – the perfect afternoon in the city center!


Florence Duomo Dessert Gelato Student Travel

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