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Bus2alps Croatia Tour

The historic center of Split is dominated by The Diocletian Palace, which centuries ago served as a retreat for the Roman emperor. Today the palace creates an impressive backdrop to the palm-lined waterfront, as well as an impressive set for popular tv show Game of Thrones. There is no doubt that historic center is interesting and beautiful however the real reason to visit Split is for its proximity to dozens
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Bus2alps Croatia Island Cruise

Nestled between two (Krknjaši) islands, the picturesque Blue Lagoon is blessed with crystal clear waters, abundant sea life and backdrops to make any influencer swoon. Take time to swim, snorkel or sunbathe between the included lunch and stunning stops at the Lagoon and Maslinica Bay! Spend the morning cruising along Split's coastline, relaxing on the boat and admiring your beautiful surroundings. You'll be amazed at the clear waters and beauty of
Bus2alps Budapest Vienna Salzburg Tour Promo code CAMPUS
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Bus2alps Budapest, Vienna & Salzburg Tour

This weekend trip covers a lot of ground: three cities, two countries, two capitals. Get ready to marvel at the magnificence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Times may have split the empire, and these countries, but fun, beauty, and culture still resonate through these unique Eastern European capitals. Budapest is the jewel of post-Communist Europe, epitomizing the nightlife, art, and quirky spirit embodied by the new individualism found in much of
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Bus2alps Interlaken & Lake Como Tour

Welcome to where relaxing beauty and high-octane adrenaline live in perfect harmony! Interlaken is a traditional Swiss village located in the heart of the rugged Alps, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Scenic mountain walks and calming Alpine Spas collide with adventure activities like white water rafting, canyoning, and bungy jumping. Spend the last day exploring Lake Como, renowned for its gorgeous landscape, waterfront villas, and celebrity residents like George
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Bus2alps Amalfi Coast Tour

Head south to Italy’s #1 beach destination! Boat around the island of Capri, sip limoncello, and show off your new handmade sandals before breaking out your best dance moves in bustling downtown Sorrento. Bronze in Positano on the black sand beach and cruise along the coast via private boat cruise with a stop at a secluded beach. Finally, explore the ruins of Pompeii while admiring Mt. Vesuvius. Only Bus2alps includes your ferry
Bistro del Mare Seafood Campus Florence Discount
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Bistro del Mare

Located inside Palazzo Gianfigliazzi, just steps from the Ponte Vecchio, Bistro del Mare is known for their excellent seafood. They have fish brought in fresh daily. The environment, their service and their food is both modern and elegant, perfect for a special occasion or when your parents are in town! Their chefs pay close attention to every detail on the plate! With fresh ingredients, beautifully plated dishes, and a young
L'OV Osteria Vegetariana Campus Florence Discount
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Osteria Vegetariana – L’OV

Although they have an outdoor dining space it is way more cool to eat inside. It feels like a gazebo which is bright and colorfully decorated and complemented by the bar which is covered in greenery and the plants that strategically fill corners and hang from the ceiling. The philosophy of the chef is to revisit traditional Italian and international dishes in new and creative ways to present a menu
Ristorante Quinoa Gluten Free Florence Campus Discount
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Florence’s first 100% gluten-free restaurant is located in one of the coolest spaces in Florence. The courtyard has been transformed into an urban garden filled with vegetables, herbs and olive trees. They are certified by the Italian Association of Celiacs which means that everything that you eat and drink is absolutely 100% gluten-free. Some of you may think that gluten-free is synonymous with tasteless, however if you were put to
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Sweaty Betty’s Tattoo

Cross the Arno to find Sweaty Betty's Tattoo shop hidden in plain sight, just off Piazza della Passera. We are an innovative and unique tattoo shop that you could mistake for your best friend’s living room. Much like the piazza it resides in, the Sweaty Betty’s team is made up of characters that add their own unique flair, style, passion for their art and love of their studio. Paul is
Cosmetics and Perfumes Campus Florence Discount La Vanita
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Le Vanità Profumeria

From the beginning, Le Vanità placed a great deal of importance on the essential components of the beauty world; dynamism, functionality, style, prestige and elegance. It is these principles allowed ​​Luigi Sabatini to create La Vanita and transform it in a short period of time into something irreplaceable in the universe of beauty in Florence. Shopping at Le Vanità is an experience that combines Europen elegance with the most up-to-date range