Il Gatto e La Volpe Florence I Love Gatto Campus Florence Discount
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Il Gatto e La Volpe

Il Gatto e La Volpe is a local favorite! From fresh pizza and pasta to juicy, mouthwatering steak and potatoes, this is a noteworthy spot to enjoy a delicious meal. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff ready to serve you a delightful, typical Italian meal. Walk in to find their light wood tables set and ready, creating a warm, cozy feel. With options ranging
Cantastorie Piazza Mercato Centrale
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Cantastorie Restaurant

Perhaps the closest translation for Cantastorie is a Troubadour, someone who traveled around to squares, markets and sometimes banquets telling stories accompanied by music. Where a troubadour tells his story with notes and songs, the chefs at Cantastorie tell their story with ingredients and recipes. Plates of food that, like stories, talk of tradition and culture that has stood the test of time. Recently relocated, Cantastorie is nestled in amongst
Beer House Club Florence Firenze Pilsner Burgers Italian Restaurant
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Beer House Club

If you’re looking for local craft beer, a wide selection of beer, or just want a to crack open a cold, look no further thank Beer House! Beer House has one of the widest selections of beers in Florence with tons of beer on tap and an extensive selection of bottled beers. They are also the only place in Florence with a proper Pilsner beer tank, delivered directly from the
Cantina Barbagianni Enoteca Restaurant
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Cantina Barbagianni

Located just a few minutes from the Duomo, Catina Barbagiani is known for its intimate atmosphere and creative cuisine. From the moment you walk in, you’ll know you found this hidden gem that will have you coming back again and again. Walk in and find the exposed brick, white tablecloths and feel the cozy vibe. Their comfortable benches with green cushions invite you to sit and enjoy the meal that
Florence Auditore Restaurant Ristorante assassin's creed ezio auditore steak
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Auditore Ristorante

Ristorante Auditore has lots of cool history and delicious food to keep you coming back for more! Named after the Assassin’s Creed character, Ezio Auditore the atmosphere of the restaurants resembles Florence in the Renaissance with different art hanging along the walls. Use your imagination to transport yourself into the videogame and feel like you’re part of the Auditore family. If the famous video game aspect didn’t intrigue you enough,
Rubaconte Restaurant Florence Style Dinner
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Ristorante Rubaconte

A neighborhood favorite in the Santa Croce area, Rubaconte serves up a variety of pizzas, pastas and all the Tuscan staples. Whether you're just grabbing a pizza to-go for lunch or having a full 3 course dinner, there is something to appease everyone's appetites. Upon entering the restaurant you will immediately see their wood fired brick oven, cranking out delicious Neopolitan style pizzas. Turn the corner and you will find
Pasta Station Florence Firenze Takeaway Pastation Cooking class
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PaStation Restaurant

There’s nothing more Italian than pasta. PaStation's mission is to export the great Italian culinary invention of pasta, using only high-quality ingredients from world-renowned producers like DeCecco and Antinori. Every major type of pasta is represented on the menu, from all the regions in Italy. Build your own pasta dish by first choosing the type of pasta then adding any of the classic, traditional sauces. Having said this we recommend taking
Moyo Bar Aperitivo Burgers Pasta Santa Croce Coffee Breakfast
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Moyo Cafe & Bar

Breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon coffee and hang out for wifi, aperitivo buffet, and bar with djs -- Moyo offers it all. The menu is best described as international. A mix of pasta, pizza, noodles, salads, burgers and classics like club sandwich. Opening at 8:00am, it is one of the few places open early enough to stop by for coffee or breakfast on the way to class. After class, Moyo is the
Officina Street Food Firenze Florence Hamburger Craft Beer Lasagne Via dei Neri
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Officina Street Food

In recent years there have been a several food trends in Florence. Officina brings together two of these trends, hamburgers and street food. Tuscany is renowned for its quality beef and pork, Officina uses local produce to put together a menu of specialty, gourmet burgers. The burger menu is complemented by a selection of typical appetizers, a couple of steaks, and handmade pastas. An officina by definition is a shop
Gallery Bar Bistrot Firenze Florence Lasagne Aperitivo Benci Santa Croce
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Gallery Bar & Bistrot

A menu based on quality and tradition in a modern and casual setting. Gallery combines typical Tuscan dishes with the cafe-style dining that we are used to at home. All of the pastas are fresh and handmade from organic Italian wheat. The menu is devised in a way that you first choose the type of pasta that you like and then match it with one of their sauces. There are