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Pizzagnolo (formerly Pizzaman)

Same great pizza, same service and quality, same staff -- the only thing that has changed is the name!! The team at Pizzagnolo bring together many years of pizza-making experience. Most recently under the guise of the well-known and award winning brand Pizzaman. Why did they leave? As Pizzagnolo, they can be more innovative, expand the menu, and manage their restaurant without the restrictions of being part of a franchise.
Pizza Napoli 1955 Campus Florence Discount
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Pizza Napoli 1955

In Italy, you can pretty much get amazing pizza anywhere you go, which makes finding the truly great places with the best food and atmosphere a little harder. Don't worry -- that's what we're here for! Whether you're in Florence for a weekend or a semester, you won't want to miss out on the Pizza Napoli experience. The staff are friendly, the service is quick, the prices are cheap, and
Boccanegra Pizzeria and Restaurant Ghibellina Student Discount
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Boccanegra Pizzeria

Boccanegra, named after the opera Simone Boccanegra by Giuseppe Verdi, is justifiably located in front of the Verdi Theatre on the corner of Via Verdi. Leveraging their reputation for culinary excellence in the traditional Tuscan Osteria (round the corner on Via Ghibellina) the pizzeria was the last addition to the Boccanegra dining experience. The pizzeria can best be described as cosy. The wooden floors, frescoed ceilings and walls lined with