Contributing Writer: Alyssa Gregory

Living in a foreign country for months on end comes with its own set of problems, ones that aren’t always experienced when just visiting for a short time. Three-fourths of the time though it is these “problems” that make the experience of living abroad great.  For me, these “problems” have been some of the highlights of my trip. They remind me that there are “problems” everywhere but some places’ “problems” are just a tad bit more fun, especially Florence’s.

1. The take away pizza box is bigger than your front door.

Pizza Box
To fit a pizza through the door it is required to tilt the box slightly causing some of the yummy pizza juices to leak from the pizza.

2. Netflix isn’t a thing here, which means neither is Netflix binging, so you have to go out and actually do things.

3. It is so hot you sweat off all your makeup before anyone gets to see it.

4. They won’t let you lick the chocolate wall at Venchi’s.

chocolate wall2
The sweet heavenly smell of chocolate drifting from Venchi’s can be smelled from down the road.

5. Eating dinner takes as long as half a day of work.

6. You can’t eavesdrop on people’s conversations because you don’t understand enough Italian.

7. Anytime you walk by a monument you risk the chance of being beheaded by a selfie stick.

selfie sticks
The Duomo is one of the largest, if not largest, tourist attraction in Florence. Trying to walk past is like going through an obstacle course and requires a lot of bending and dodging.

8. You have to play the guessing game at the grocery or risk using all your limited data trying to figure out which of the meats is ham.

9. You’re getting kissed more by mosquitos than Italian guys.

10. Time is an abstract thing. So, meeting times are always up for personal interpretation. AKA you’re never considered late in Florence.

11. You can’t seem to get it through to the guy selling roses that you’re traveling solo and don’t want to buy a rose for yourself.

Chris Palermo
Street vendors in Florence are relentless when selling their wares and are undeterred by the word no. (Photo by @chris.palermo)

12. Having to press the google translate button (found at the top in the search bar) every time you visit a website.

I’d love to know your biggest Florence “problem”! Share below!


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2 thoughts on “#FlorenceProblems

  1. Easy…. getting up, fiddling around the house making a list of things to do, leaving to do them, and realizing it is after 1 and the whole town is shut down till 3 or 4. Siesta has been killing me for 2 years!! And don’t even get me started on Ferragosto!!

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