Frontera Travel Barcelona

Frontera Travel

Student Tours and Travel Services

Frontera was formed in 2015 by former study abroad students and lifelong world travelers hailing from the United States and Spain. Their founders have over 10 years of experience in organizing trips and events, focusing primarily on enhancing the experiences of exchange students and travelers in Europe. Their philosophy is that the more we travel and learn about the world around us, the more connected we become as human beings. Unlike other discount travel providers they focus on keeping things small. A limited calendar allows them to focus on the finest details of each trip, providing a higher quality experience.

All tour departures are fly-in or by bus from Barcelona. Their main destinations are Spain, Morocco, French Riviera, Italy, and Switzerland. Frontera also organizes trips for special events such as Spanish Carnival Festivals and Oktoberfest in Munich.

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Contact Information

Markus Svoboda (owner/manager)
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