PIno's Sandwiches POzzo DiVino Wine Tasting Florence

Pozzo DiVino – Pino’s Wine Tasting

If you’re a huge fan of Pino and his panini joint, you do not want to miss out on this fun and educational wine tasting! Located around the corner from Pino’s Salumeria in the Pozzo Divino wine cellar, Pino starts you off with an olive oil and balsamic tasting paired with fresh bread and aged parmesan. A glass of white wine and two glasses of red are served alongside Tuscan cold cuts and other traditional snacks, complimenting each glass of wine wonderfully.

But before you go ahead and start drinking, Pino educates the group on the sight, scent, and taste of wine. He will show you how to properly hold a wine glass, how to observe the wine’s rich color and “legs”, and finally how to appreciate and recognize its complex flavor notes and scents.

Afterwards, you are free to enjoy the wine, food, and later discuss with Pino and your friends which was your favorite. Pino’s goal is to have you leave this wine tasting with a newfound love and appreciation for Tuscan wine, in which he succeeds time and time again!

Opening Hours:
By request

Normal Price: €20

Campus Florence Discount: €15

*Minimum group size 5 people. Parents and friends welcome.

Campus Florence Favorites

A fun way to experience one of the most important aspects of the food culture in Florence. Pino is as passionate about wine is he is about panini!!! You will have a great time, learning, tasting, and eating snacks from Pino’s. We have done ti over and over again, almost everyone time we have friends come into town. Highly recommend.

We want to know what you think. Tell us about your experience at Pozzo Divino Wine Tasting, give them a star rating and leave a comment in the section below!!!

In Vino Veritas!

Come Taste Wine With Us!

at Pozzo DiVino in Via Ghibellina 144/r, Florence 50122

Book at Pino’s Sandwiches – Salumeria Verdi
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 36//R, Florence 50122
Tel: (+39) 055 244 517
Instagram: @pinossandwiches

3 thoughts on “Pozzo DiVino – Pino’s Wine Tasting

  1. Great wine tasting. I have been just for fun with a group of friends. It is perfect when you have friends or family in town. Super relaxed. Great location in a historic building. Pino is enthusiastic and funny. In fact he had to throw us out, could have drunk Chianti with him all night.


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