Discounts for Students, Chosen by Students – 200 ways to SAVE!

Although the primary benefit of the Campus Florence App and Website is that you can purchase products and services that you would otherwise pay full price for, enjoying a significant discount and hence saving, Campus Florence can also be considered your up-to-date guide to Florence.

Online guides and blogs are frequently written and unfrequently reviewed and updated. We wil be reviewing each of our partners on a semester by semester basis, checking the quality of products and services being offered to our community. However, more importantly, we will also encourage you to leave reviews and ratings about your experiences. It will be your imput that determines whether something is good value or whether it offers great service or experience.

It is not our goal to include everyone

It will be a selection of tried and true local businesses and services, that we recommend, that you have recommended in the past and that we hope the current semester of students will frequent and continue to recommend for future semesters.

The listings will include essential services sometimes without a discount, for example medical and religious services as well as information to help you explore the culture and history of the city, like free museum open days. And of course LOTS of discounts!

Campus Florence is a being created by Italians and Foreigners

A combination of local knowledge, together with the contribution of students and interns to make sure the information in current and relevant.

As a foreigner and avid traveller, I seek to experience a city completely, from history to traditions, local arts and trades, and food customs, and why they have prevailed over the course of time. What do the locals do, where do they eat and go out. And where to go when you just need a break from all things foreign, when you just need something that reminds you of home.

We hope to put all this information in one easy to access app, that will not only show you where you can go but also offer you great ways to SAVE!