Florence Farmcia Pharmacy Open Late

Late Night Pharmacies

A Farmacia in Florence is very different than mega-pharmacies you’ll find in the US. Here in Florence, a Farmacia carries both over-the-counter and prescription medicines as well as a selection of toiletries and supplies such as bandaids, feminine products, and sunscreen. The standard opening hours are from 9:00am to between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

There are however three pharmacies that are open late.

Farmacia Molteni, on the corner of Via Porta Rossa and Via Calzaiuoli (near Piazza Signoria), is open until 10:00pm.

Farmacia All’insegna del Moro, in Piazza Duomo (corner of Borgo San Lorenzo), is open until midnight.

If you are really in need of medicine after hours, the pharmacy inside the Santa Maria Novella train station is open 24 hours. Late night there is a bell to ring on the side facing the big McDonalds. Someone will speak to you through a speaker to find out what you need. If you have a prescription they will ask you to put it in the drawer. This is for the security of the person working in the pharmacy overnight.

If your illness does not require the immediate attention of a doctor, a pharmacist can often assist with over-the-counter medicines. Here are some useful phrases you may need to use when asking for medication:

  • Ibuprofen–ibuprofene
  • Paracetamol–paracetamolo
  • Antihistamine–antistaminico
  • Aspirin/acetylsalicylic acid–aspirina/acido acetilsaicilico
  • Decongestant–decongestionante
  • Cough–tosse
  • Cold–raffreddore
  • Fever–febbre
  • Sore throat–mal di gola
  • Headache–mal di testa

Late Night Pharmacy Locations

1. Farmacia Molteni Via Calzaiuoli 7
2. Farmacia All’insegna del Moro Piazza San Giovanni 20 Duomo
3. Farmacia Santa Maria Novella Piazza della Stazione, Florence 50123

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