Reverse Bar Cafe Student Discount Campus Florence
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Reverse Cafe & Bar

Only a few years old, Reverse is a modern café located right in the center, on one of the main pedestrian streets in Florence. Reverse is a bright and welcoming, indoor/outdoor space with a friendly english-speaking staff. One of the main attractions is the video wall that draws a big crowd of Italians during soccer matches and other big sporting events. Plus the free, fast, reliable wifi connection makes it
Salumeria Verdi Pinos Sandwiches Florence Via Verdi
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Pino’s Sandwiches

Years ago, Pino’s started out as your typical rosticceria in Florence, a place that families could pick up food on a Sunday when they didn’t want to cook. Located in the popular Santa Croce area, Pino’s has now morphed into one of the more famous panini shops in all of Florence. When you walk in you’re always assured of being greeted by Pino’s smiling face. Hunks of meat, various spreads,
Moyo Bar Aperitivo Burgers Pasta Santa Croce Coffee Breakfast
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Moyo Cafe & Bar

Breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon coffee and hang out for wifi, aperitivo buffet, and bar with djs -- Moyo offers it all. The menu is best described as international. A mix of pasta, pizza, noodles, salads, burgers and classics like club sandwich. Opening at 8:00am, it is one of the few places open early enough to stop by for coffee or breakfast on the way to class. After class, Moyo is the
Gallery Bar Bistrot Firenze Florence Lasagne Aperitivo Benci Santa Croce
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Gallery Bar & Bistrot

A menu based on quality and tradition in a modern and casual setting. Gallery combines typical Tuscan dishes with the cafe-style dining that we are used to at home. All of the pastas are fresh and handmade from organic Italian wheat. The menu is devised in a way that you first choose the type of pasta that you like and then match it with one of their sauces. There are
Cabiria Lounge Bar Santo Spirito Aperitivo Express Lunch Bar Spritz
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Cabiria Cafe & Lounge Bar

It’s a quick walk to the other side of the river to get to Cabiria, a cool cafè/bar that attracts an eclectic mix of Italians, locals, hipsters, artists, writers and musicians. Located right in the heart of Piazza Santo Spirito, Cabiria has been around for years and is a popular hangout for the people in the area (especially for coffee in the morning and then for a drink at night).