Find Your Inner Yogi

19r Yoga & Pilates Studio
19r Yoga & Pilates Studio

Invigorating, relaxing, refreshing, challenging, inspiring, zen…. I could think of about twenty other words to describe my yoga experience at 19r, but you get the point. Located just across the river at, Via dei Bardi, 19r Yoga & Pilates succeeds at creating a peaceful environment to discover your inner yogi.

If you’re looking for a way to burn off all those extra carbs you’ve been eating since arriving in Florence, yoga is the perfect solution. Yoga has a way of discretely incorporating a core, legs and arm workout into each stretch or pose. I went to bed relaxed and woke up with just enough soreness to ensure that my yoga workout did something.

19r offers an array of different classes including core pilates, rocket yoga, and traditional yoga. They also offer a free first trial class so grab a friend and head down to the studio! If you end up loving it (like me) you can purchase an unlimited monthly membership for 60 euro. For class times and more information visit 19r Yoga & Pilates Homepage


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