Wooing Words — the Italian version

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Wonder no longer! I’ve finally answered the age old question of where Romeo has been hiding. Donning different hats, Romeo has been disguising as street vendors and waiters in Florence.


I swear I have never been complimented so many times just walking to the grocery store.

Mostly used as ploy by smooth-talking sales people to catch your attention and hopefully a sale, compliments fly freely from most Italian men’s lips.  With compliments ranging from sweet to what the heck, these silver-tongued Casanova’s know that American boy have nothing on their skill.

When a man thinks a girl is beautiful here, they let her know. So enjoy the endless shower of compliments you are sure to get because heaven knows they make for a great mood pick me up!

Here’s a list of the most popular compliments I’ve heard since I’ve been here, ranked by most often heard.

  1. Insert here anything about having beautiful eyes.
  2. Ciao Bella!
  3. Lady Gaga boom shakalaka!
  4. Hello, future wife. I’ve been looking for you.

And my personal favorite.

  1. Umm, excuse me Miss. You dropped something…your smile.

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