Throwback Thursday: The Boboli Gardens

What is it?

The Boboli gardens are considered one of the greatest open air museums in Florence. They offer a calm escape from the busy city center. Wandering through the gardens there is a mix of art and greenery that took four centuries to create.  Filled with sculptures, fountains and centuries old trees, the “green architecture” was a prototype for other famous European gardens, such as, Versailles.


img_0131The creation and development of the Boboli Gardens spans four centuries beginning in the 15th and ending in 19th century.  The land was purchased by Cosimo I’s wife Eleonora di Toledo in 1549. The gardens continued to expand under the Medici and Lorraine families. In addition to the gardens visitors can also experience the Porcelain museum, the Silver museum and the Bardini Gardens.

Why you should go

Set up on a hill across the river, the Boboli Gardens offer another stunning view of Florence.

All the winding pathways make for a romantic backdrop, so be sure to bring your camera and dress cute to get some great photos!

Stuff to know

img_0085-Entering from the main entrance of the Palazzo Pitti, the horseshoe amphitheater is the point where the hill was excavated to remove stone that the palace is made of.

-In the middle of the ampitheater is an egyptian obelisk that was brought from Luxor in 1789.

-At the top of the hill is Neptune’s Fountain which Florentines have nicknamed “the Fork” because of his trident.

-The Giardino del Cavaliere, at the top of the gardens, can be reached by a double staircase. In May, the garden is full of blossoming roses. It is still worth the visit throughout the year for the view of the surrounding hills and lavish Florentine manors.

More Info:

To visit: tickets (combined for the Silver museum, Costume gallery, porcelain museum and bardini gardens) full 7 euros reduced 3.50 euros

Hours: Open everyday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.(Nov.-Feb.), to 5:30 (March), to 6:30 (April-May, Sept.- Oct.) and to 7:30 p.m.( June-August)

Closed on the 1st and last Monday of each month.

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