Scenic Views: The Arno

Walking along the Arno and exploring the water front is a great pastime in Florence. The presence of paddlers gliding across the Arno has become a tradition of Florence.For those who love being on the water the Canottieri Firenze is a rowing club that offers water sporting activities and an exclusive view of the Arno.


What is it?

fffcf2From amateurs to competitors the club has over 700 members participating in various sporting activities. By becoming a member, participants can learn the ins and outs of rowing. With courses that last between one and two months, instructors will help individuals reach their rowing goals. The club is easy to find with an entrance right next to the Ponte Vecchio. Along with rowing, the club also offers members a place to relax, enjoy views of the river and eat a meal. Outsiders can now enjoy the restaurant if they are accompanied by a member.


fffcfThe first rowing society was established in 1886 under the name of Florence. Along the left bank of the
Arno beside Ponte Santa Trinita chalets were built and rowers began practicing for national and international regattas. Rowers proudly represented Florence with jerseys that had red and white stripes.

How to get rowing

fffcf3By becoming a member of the club, rowers of all ages get exclusive access to sporting instruction and equipment. Members are able to learn the discipline of Italian rowing from instructors that begin on land and progress on to the water. Instructors look for members to improve their technical level to progress from an amateur level to a professional level.

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