Thank-You Letters to My Semester Abroad

To European transportation,

Thank you for being cheap.  Thank you for encouraging the act of traveling by making it so simple.  Thank you for my opportunities to backpack through Europe for my 10 day spring break trip.  Please move your business to the States so I can fly across the country for less than 50 dollars.

To my study abroad friends,

Thank you for the endless memories.  Thank you for dealing with my mood swings when I was jet-lagged.  Thank you for buying that overpriced train ticket with me and making last minute travel decisions.  Thank you for taking millions of pictures of me at just the right angle and just the right lighting in front of every tourist attraction.  Thank you for not getting sick of me.  Each and every one of you will hold a special place in my heart forever.

To my hometown friends,

Thank you for supporting me.  Thank you for keeping me updated on hometown news.  Thank you for being happy for me through this life-changing opportunity.  I could not do this without my daily group conversation between us.  Thank you for not changing our relationship when we’re thousands of miles away from one another.  I cannot wait to hug you when I touch down in America.

To my advisors and professors,

Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for caring about us.  Thank you for the awesome opportunities you have given us including field trips to Italian cities, rafting down the Arno, and Italian cooking classes.  Thank you for offering a helping hand when we needed to call to order a taxi.  Thank you for dealing with crazy American students every semester. You truly are one of kind and I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge you have given me — both inside and outside of the classroom.

To my beloved Florence,

Thank you for being you.  A city so full of beautiful streets, beautiful leather and beautiful people.  You have taught me to slow down my life, enjoy every moment, including every sip of wine.  My life is forever changed because of you.  I will be back someday.

To my semester abroad,

Words cannot describe my love for these past four months.  They will forever be tattooed on my heart — the places, the people, the memories.  Thank you for being the best time of my entire life.  Who knew such a short amount of time could have such an impact on one’s life.  Please don’t make me leave this amazing journey.

With all my love,

A study abroad enthusiast

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