39 Things Every Florence Study Abroad Student Has Said


  1. I think we’re lost…
  2. Oh my god, that gelato looks amazing.
  3. Wait, which way is the duomo?
  4. I think I want some pizza.
  5. God, the pasta here is SO GOOD.
  6. Alright, where are we drinking tonight?
  7. Why does nobody here speak English?!
  8. Why does dinner happen so late here?
  10. Pizza again?…yeah okay.
  11. Lets go drink in Piazzale Michelangelo tonight!
  12. Alright, now we’re definitely lost.
  13. Can you marry a country?
  14. What time is it back at home?  Can I post to instagram yet?
  15. God, this coffee is so good.
  16. Why is there no such thing as real breakfast here?
  17. What time does our train leave?
  18. UGH the workers are on strike…AGAIN
  19. Oh wait, they’re American, let’s get them to take our picture.
  20. Will you take a photo of me in front of *lists every historic monument in Italy*
  21. Where should we travel to this weekend?
  22. More promoters…Lets take this street instead!
  23. I need nachos and french fries.
  24. What is up with the bathrooms here?
  25. Tour group…RUN!
  26. *trips on cobblestone*- crap.
  27. Oooh that’s really pretty!
  28. Lets go watch the sun set over the Ponte Vecchio!
  29. Have you had Gusta Pizza yet?  It’s amazing!
  30. Where is the closest gelateria to here? I’m on round 2 for today.
  31. Why doesn’t anyone take card?
  32. Wow, this flight is so cheap!
  33. I’m definitely taking a nap in between classes today.
  34. This town is so pretty.
  35. God, this train smells awful.
  36. I think I’m going to purposefully miss my flight home.
  37. This was not enough time here.
  38. When can I come back?
  39. I don’t ever want to leave.

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