10 Things to do before you leave Florence

It’s hard to admit, but your time as a study abroad student in Florence is starting to wind down to it’s end. Before you pack your bags and head home, make sure you complete all ten of the following experiences to have lived a true florentine life!

1. Climb the Duomo

The most famous building in all of Firenze is also known for the Cupola with the best view from the city center. It’s a hike up, but worth it! One 18 euro ticket provides entrance to the Cupola, Bell Tower, Baptistery, and the main part of the church itself with 72 hour access. You have to book a time to climb the Dome, spaces are limited so make sure you book in advance.

2. Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo

Who doesn’t love a good sunset, paired up with a nice bottle of Chianti? Grab your friends and head up to Piazzale Michelangelo for a beautiful sunset over the entire city. It’s a view you don’t want to miss!

3. Attend a Soccer Game

You’re in Europe! You have to go to a soccer game. Campus Florence has an agreement with the stadium to provide discounted tickets for Study Abroad students. Check out the schedule here and keep an eye out for prices on our facebook page. Forza Viola!

4. Eat a Family Style Dinner

What sounds more classic italian than a family style meal? Rubaconte offers Campus Florence users a special deal every Wednesday at 8pm of only 15 euro to join a big family style meal of appetizers (prosciutto, salami, caprese salad, coccoli, two types of bruschetta), 3 types of pasta, nutella pizza, and UNLIMITED wine and water! Want to reserve a spot for you and your friends? Message Campus Florence on Facebook.

5. Go to Cinque Terre National Park

Want to go on a single day trip where you can go both hiking and hit the beach? Head with FlorenceForFun every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the Cinque Terre National Park. Start your day off with a nice hike and then hit the beach with a nice cold margarita bucket. Or, of course, you can head straight to the beach for a full day in the sun.FlorenceForFun Cinque Terre Tour

6. Visit the Hot Springs and Chianti Countryside

No European trip is complete without a visit to a local Hot Springs site to take a dip in a geothermal warm natural water. Likewise, no study abroad experience in Florence is complete without a sunset dinner and wine tasting in the hills of the Chianti countryside. Luckily for you, there is a trip that kills both of these birds with one stone. Our partner company, FlorenceForFun, offers a tour every Friday afternoon that visits Hot Springs and then heads to the Chianti hills for a dinner and wine tasting while watching the most beautiful sunset over the Tuscan region.

7. Go on a Gondola Ride in Venice

Venice is comprised of over 100 islands all connected by nearly 400 bridges. That being said, many of the streets are actually canals, so boat/gondola is a common form of transportation. For some, the water goes right up to their front door and boat is the only way to reach the home. Riding through the canals of Venice on a gondola is an amazing experience. Our partner company, FlorenceForFun, offers student tours to Venice every Saturday. If you want to go another day, stop in the Campus Florence office (Via Ghibellina 131/R) to purchase discounted train tickets straight from Florence to Venice.

8. Ride a Vespa

What is a trip to Italy without riding a Vespa? Do it because it is FUN, do it because it is ICONIC, do it for the INSTA!!!! Ride through the countryside, visit small Chianti towns, taste wine and have lunch in a winery, take epic pics…Check out our Vespa tour page.

9. Indulge in a Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Steak)

Bistecca alla Fiorentina is the classic T-Bone steak of Florence. A classic bistecca will be 3 to 4 fingers in height and weigh between 1.5 – 3.5 lbs. Campus Florence recommends a bistecca from Ristorante La Spada and Osteria dè Benci.

10. Gelato, Gelato, Gelato

Eat as much gelato as you can! Our favorite places are Gelateria de Neri, Gelateria Carabe and Gelateria Perché No. Let us know what your favorite is!

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