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Caratello Shipping

Trying to figure out how to get everything home from your study abroad trip can be a hassle. But lucky for you, Caratello here to help! They offer all kinds of shipping options including suitcases, art, and, of course, wine.

They ship all over the world and their expert staff is ready to help send whatever you need. If you don’t feel like bringing your luggage to the shop for them to ship home, they offer pick up services as well. This goes for all pieces of art too, such as paintings and sculptures. Caratello will make sure your package is delivered within 10 business days and will be cared for properly in the process.

We know you want to ship home some delicious, Italian wine. Most shipping companies only allow you to ship just the wine itself in a package, but Caratello is the exception. Their expert packers use a special method in order to send wine home for you with other items.

Additionally, if you’re just going home for a visit but you’re coming back to Florence, you can also store your items with Caratello. They offer flexible rental contract tailored to your individual needs.

Pricing: see below

Campus Florence Discount: 15% Off

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Caratello offers the most comprehensive service. All the information you require is online, on their website in english, including the necessary documentation to send your package. You can also book to have your luggage or package picked up to save you the hassle of dragging suitcases through Florence the last few days before you leave. One less stress, let them do all the hard work!

How much does Shipping cost? (coming soon)


Come find us!

Via dell’Agnolo 115/r, Florence 50122
Tel: (+39) 055 011 8470
Mobile: 370/1141612

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