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Wombat’s Hostel Budapest

The owners, Marcus and Sascha, founded Wombat's in 1998, nearly ten years after they had the crazy idea while Backpacking around Australia together. In 1999, they opened their first hostel in Vienna and now Wombat's hostels can be found in Berlin, London, Budapest, Munich and coming soon in Venice too (2019). I couldn't have summed it up better myself so I will quote directly from the Wombat's website. "Wombat’s prides
Mosaic House Hostel Prague Czech Republic Eco-Hostel Award Winning
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Mosaic House Prague

In a survey taken by all of our travellers in 2017, Mosaic House was voted by FlorenceForFun customers as the best hostel they stayed in in Europe while they were on study abroad. The Mosaic House is an eco hostel dedicated to saving thousands of liters of water and reducing it's environmental footprint. They have won multiple awards for quality and innovation. Mosaic House is a leader in setting the