Mosaic House Hostel Prague Czech Republic Eco-Hostel Award Winning

Mosaic House Prague

In a survey taken by all of our travellers in 2017, Mosaic House was voted by FlorenceForFun customers as the best hostel they stayed in in Europe while they were on study abroad. The Mosaic House is an eco hostel dedicated to saving thousands of liters of water and reducing it’s environmental footprint. They have won multiple awards for quality and innovation. Mosaic House is a leader in setting the standard for new generation hostels.

Until five years ago hostels were perceived as dirty, cramped rooms with shared bathrooms in the corridors and a pot luck of roommates. The new generation of hostel feels like a four star hotel just with more beds in the room.


Already from the outside you know that you are going to be staying somewhere cool! The massive, modern mushroom decorations in front of the hostel and on the rooftop are even more obvious at night when they are all lit up. As you walk in, you are greeted by the breakfast, restaurant, lounge area that transforms into a bar and stage at night.

The reception staff are not as bubbly and boisterous as you might expect in a hostel, which you can attribute to cultural diversity across Europe. They are however friendly and very helpful. They are fluent in english and they know their stuff so they can answer almost any question you have about the city.

The reception also has a stash of discount vouchers for clubs and restaurants in the area so it is always worthwhile asking before you go out.

Or if you want to stay in, look no further than the bar downstairs. Every night they have a different event from DJ sets, to 80s revival, to live music. Prague, is still on the Czech Koruna, which makes everything, even a night out, super cheap.

Don’t hesitate to book the breakfast when you book the room. It is definitely a highlight. A massive buffet with juice, coffee, eggs, bacon, fruit, yoghurt, bread, cheese, cereal awaits you. At a cost of €7.50 you can’t go wrong.

The Rooms

There is lot’s of choice and a range of prices. We recommend getting either a private or share room with bathroom. The beds are comfy, better than your bed in your Florence study abroad apartment. With big pillows and comforters. Each bed has its own reading light and plug to charge your phone.

The real highlight is the bathroom. Rain head showers and modern design and amenities — you might get confused and think you are in a hotel. TIP: Sharing a room. Each bed has it’s own locker but it is BYO lock.

Despite the fact that there is a party going on downstairs in the bar, the rooms, even on the first floor are quiet.


If you are traveling in a group, book all together and get a private multi-bed room. At €15 per person per night you can also afford to book a 6-bed room even if there are only going to be five of you. If you are up for meeting new people then jump into one of their bigger rooms and spend even less.

It is also perfect if you are traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend. The double rooms are just like being in a hotel but with all the atmosphere and fun of being in a hostel.

Final Thoughts

I cannot recommend highly enough. The location is great, the staff are helpful and the hostel itself is amazing. Go for it.

In previous years the best prices for hostels and hotels have always been on booking portals. Due to the high commissions they charge things are starting to shift.

Book on The Mosaic House Website for the best prices.

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