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Catch a Taxi in Florence Italy

IT Taxi App and App Taxi are the closest things you can find to Uber in Florence. They give you the option to put your credit/debit card into the app or pay with cash at the end of your ride. They are app are very easy to use. To order a taxi, go into the app and plug in your address. The cabs come within 5-10 minutes and are always very professional drivers.

If the app isn’t working, you can use the SMS or phone number to call to order a taxi as well. The App is available for both Apple and Android.

See the information below for the two taxi companies in Florence.

055 4390 055 4242
⇒ Easy to use app
⇒ WhatsApp and SMS number +39 333 807 7555
⇒ Pay with card in the app
Book ahead for airport transfer
Tel: (+39) 055 4390
⇒ Easy to use app
⇒ WhatsApp and SMS number +39 334 662 2550
⇒ Pay with card in the app
⇒ Doesn’t like international credit cards
Tel: (+39) 055 4242

Taxi 4390 also has a dedicated, preferential line for women that operates from 10:00pm to 4:00am — Taxi Rosa call (+39) 055 4361904.

Campus Florence Taxi Tips

We also recommend that you send a residential address. It’s better than telling them a bar, shop, or night club. Just walk outside and check the nearest street number.

It is important to note that taxi availability is not guaranteed. If you have an important place to be, or a flight to catch, I highly recommend booking a taxi. You can call 24 hours before departure. They will send you an sms confirmation for the reservation and then send you the taxi number “Parigi 23” (in Florence they are all city names and a number) in the morning.

How to get a Taxi

In Florence it is not widely culturally acceptable to hail a cab on the street. Either you can call, sms or use an app to get a taxi to come to you or you can go to one of the designated Taxi stands around the city. The are taxi stands located right near the Duomo, Santa Croce, the airport and at Santa Maria Novella main train station. For a complete list of taxi stands, see the map below.

Jane Dupuis
I am currently a Junior studying abroad in Florence for the fall of 2018 and interning at Campus Florence. I attend Fairfield University and am studying communication and marketing. I absolutely love everything about the city of Florence and making the most out of my abroad experience!

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