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Campus Florence has been in the pipeline for many years. It is an idea developed by the owners of FlorenceForFun Student Travel Agency in collaboration with the study abroad programs in Florence and WebApp. We have now officially launched our App and we are adding information and businesses to it every day.

Our goal is to provide study abroad students with discounts for everything! From eating out and about in Florence, to travel, activities and local events, and of course shopping. We have added a Florence Guide with info about local attractions and study abroad essentials like supermarkets and english bookshops. Ideally, students will never do anything again without first checking to see if there is a discount or recommendation from us!!


Campus Florence Internship FlorenceForFunThis is an entry level position based in Florence, Italy. Prefereably you will have studied abroad in Florence and LOVED it! However, if you studied abroad in another city that is fine too. What is most important is that you understand first hand the needs of students living in a city for a semester. The position is full time and lasts 90 days.

The main focus of the internship is to build, grow, communciate and promote the Campus Florence website and App. Everyone who is accepted will be part of the Campus Florence promotions street team. The street team will distribute CF materials, meet students, run events and get the word out to the student population in person. Other than promotions each member of the team will have a specific responsibility. You can apply for one of the following internships:

• Social Media Assistant
• Events Coordinator
• Videographer/Photographer
• Sales Associate
• Graphic Design Assistant
• Website and Blog Content Coordinator

We are currently hiring for the upcoming Spring 2019 semester. If you would like more information or would like to apply please send us with your resume to


Campus Florence Campus Ambassador Florence Italy Join the teamShortly we will be posting more information about how to get involved with Campus Florence while you are still a student. Not only will it give you great insight into the city, places to go, things to see and of course how to best spend and especially SAVE on your student budget. But it will give you a priority position for the future if you want to come back and live and work in Florence. And we are also happy to be a reference on your resume. An international experience or internship is never a bad thing to talk about in future interviews!

Want to know more? Send us an email Let us know when you will be studying in Florence, what your major is, where you hope to end up and how you would like to contribute to our new team.

Does your study abroad program include an internship for credits?? Request to be placed at Campus Florence. We already work with Global Experiences and Fairfield University. We accept interns in all of the above listed areas or if you are not quite sure what you want to do in the future, you can do a little bit of everything. An internship is to help you gain experience and put some runs on the board for your resume, to become more attarctive to future employers. Let us know what you want to achieve.