Freetime in Florence: Fish Kisses

What is it?

Screenshot_20160926-122506.pngAfter a month of walking around on the cobblestone streets of Florence, my feet were in need of some tender, love and care.

While a traditional pedicure sounded tempting, I decided to try out a fish pedicure after a friend suggested it.

She was too ticklish to go through it again but I was curious how I would react to a school of fish exfoliating my feet.

Would it hurt or would it tickle? Do I really want fish nibbling on my feet? I decided to try it out on a sunday afternoon.

My Experience:

Plunging my feet into a tank full of fish for 15 minutes with the promise of softer feet was different from any other pedicure experience I’ve had.

After placing my feet up to my ankles in the water the Garra Rufa fish began nibbling away. After the initial tickle, I became used to the gentle vibrating massage their bites created. It felt like a massage more than the actual exfoliation that was happening.


The Garra Rufa fish come from the Middle East and their special polishing technique removes dead skin while making the skin smoother. The fish secrete a special enzyme that soothes the skin and restores it.

While they are widely used in spas on feet, they are also integrated into treatment for  patients who suffer from psoriasis as the exfoliation allievates some symptoms of the disease.

Where to Find Your Own Fish Kiss:

The time went by fast and as soon as my feet left the tank I could see and feel a difference. Florence Fish Kiss is located on Via de Rondinelli 22, a quick walk from the Duomo making it easy to find and refresh after a day of sight-seeing.

Florence Spa Health Fish Pedicure

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