5 Stages of Going on a Run in Florence

Four months in a new country can surely take a toll on your body, especially in Italy, the land of carbs! A great way to stay toned and in shape is by exercising and what better way to do so than running through the beautiful city of Florence!  At home, you already know your favorite running routes and how far you can go without passing out in the middle of street.  In a new place, it takes some time to get your groove back.  Here are 5 stages that most runners go through when exercising in the bustling city of Florence.

Stage 1: Preparation and Questioning.

The typical “should I go or maybe I’ll run after class.” Getting mentally prepared for a run is one of the most important parts.  If you’re already dreading the jog before you’ve started you may run into issues.  Instead, don’t think of it as a chore, but an opportunity to see the city!

Running along the Arno River makes for a great view!

 Stage 2: Getting Lost.

You’ve talked yourself into throwing on your tennis shoes and taking off from your apartment.  But how do you know how far you are running if you don’t even know how to convert a kilometer to a mile? Tip: don’t worry about how far you are going, but instead, how long you’re running.  Turn left when you normally would turn right down a familiar street.  Again, it’s a chance to see something new!

Stage 3: “Crazy American” looks.

You’ve found your groove jamming to your music until you notice the Italians walking down the streets giving you some funny looks.  Sure, your North Face running jacket may give it away that you’re an American, but don’t Italians work out, too?  Yes, they do. Disclaimer: They aren’t looking at you weird and so don’t be so concerned.  Embrace the fact that you’re American and working out to stay fit (especially after splurging on a pasta dinner and a few too many drinks at the club the night before).

Don’t waste time making your way through all these people.  Find a new route!

Stage 4: “Get out of my way!”

Running in Florence is not only a cardio workout, but an agility exercise.  If you are running through a touristy area, be prepared to continuously weave in and out of people who are stopped to snap pictures.  If this annoys you easily (like myself), try to find an area where the tourists are limited and the streets are less busy.  This will give you the option to run on the street instead of on the uneven sidewalks. By not having to focus on dodging cars and people you have more time to focus on your exercise.

Stage 5: Acceptance & Pleasure.

You are coming to the end of your run, probably out of breath and ready to be done, but you made it!  Statistics show that exercising makes you happier.  You feel better about yourself and it makes for a more productive day. You saw a few new monuments and possibly found a new favorite park to hang out at! Maybe tomorrow, you’ll be more excited about the run. (If you’re like me, you’ll go through these 5 stages every single time).

If running isn’t your go-to, check out this blog 6 Ways to Stay Fit in Florence!

What are some of your favorite running routes throughout Florence?! Share below!


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